Rabbits have ancient origins in Japan, so naturally, you’ll find bunnies throughout all kinds of anime – from the most kawaii to the downright nefarious.

From the cuddliest of buns to the flesh-craving, here are 5 rabbit-themed characters in anime that are most definitely NOT the Easter Bunny.


#1. Little Bunny | The Promised Neverland

Little Bunny need not say a word. Its permanent smile casts a haunting shadow, because it helps to reveal the true horrors of the Grace Field house.

This cute bun may have a horrific tale associated with it, but its joyful face still gives us warm fuzzy feelings (just try to think happy thoughts…)


Watch The Promised Neverland HERE. 


#2. Llenn | Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

Heroine Karen Kohiruimaki goes by the name Llenn in online virtual reality game, Gun Gale Online, and soon picks up the nickname, ‘The Pink Devil’.

Abnormally tall in the real world, she’s delighted when her avatar turns out to be short, donning a cute pink combat suit with a floppy rabbit-eared hat and matching pink gun.

Sometimes good things come in small packages, unless it’s your egg hunting basket – you’ll want that full!


Get in the action of Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online HERE.


#3. Touka Kirishima | Tokyo Ghoul

When you think of animals that hunt, your mind doesn’t immediately go to rabbits… unless it’s the Easter Bunny scoping out the perfect hiding place for a chocolate egg.

Tokyo Ghoul’s Touka is shy in the public eye, but once she has her Rabbit mask on, you’d better believe that she’ll be annihilating more than just lettuce leaves…


Get spooked by Tokyo Ghoul HERE. 


#4. ChuChu | Show By Rock!!

Epic musical adventure anime Show By Rock!! is stuffed with fluffy kawaii animal-humans – all with extraordinary musical prowess, and adorable instruments to boot.

Bunnygirl honour student, ChuChu, is lead singer and guitarist of Plasmagica, rocking all shades of purple— right down to her lavender guitar!

Since it’s Easter, we need to mention CEO of Banded Rocking Records, moustachioed goofball Maple Arisugawa. He’s a welcome (Easter) egg to this list.


Rock on with Show By Rock!! HERE. 


#5. Usagi Tsukino | Sailor Moon

In Japanese, Usagi means ‘rabbit’, and ‘Tsukino’ translates to ‘of the moon’, which makes our iconic anime starlet ‘Rabbit of the Moon’.

Usagi treasures bunnies—if her bedroom is anything to go by—but the other tie to rabbits could be their symbolism of peace and luck in Japanese culture.

Her alternative English name of Serena is a nod to her future character growth, though it’s somewhat ironic, given how often she finds herself in non-serene situations!

And while we’re talking about rabbits, who could forget the nightmare fuel and death shrieks of the pet Chanela that Usagi’s little brother brought home that time?


Revisit Sailor Moon HERE.



‘Mr. Bunny’ | BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense

New gamer Maple doesn’t really want to fight anything that’s super cute – and can you blame her?

Enter ‘Mr. Bunny’, a wild leaf-jellybean-rabbit with as much kawaiiness and ferocity as a chihuahua, which ultimately turns out to be kind of, well, futile…



See the showdown in BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense, HERE.


There are plenty more to anime bunnies out there, so hop to it and see if you can find them all!

What are some of your favourite rabbit-themed characters in anime?