It’s time, everyone. Time for us to cast aside the misery and woe, to forget our problems and delve into some sweet, feel-good moments in anime.

The medium is abundant with such enjoyable bursts of joy, but for this list, we thought we would focus specifically on things that happened early in an anime’s lifespan. That way, if you’re interested, you can jump in and share in the love sooner, rather than later.

Of course, we also encourage you to share your own moments that filled your heart with joy, whether it was in Cardcaptor Sakura (which is available on AnimeLab), One Piece (which is also available on AnimeLab), or Akira — the latter of which isn’t necessarily known for feel good moments, but it’s badass and available on AnimeLab for a limited time so you don’t want to miss out, plus we wrote a compelling blog entry to celebrate it that you should totally read in order to prevent the collapse of humanity itself.

Smooth plug, yeah?