Enjoying Attack on Titan and looking for something else to devour? Let us introduce you to a few more epic series.

Go Bloody with Tokyo Ghoul

If Attack on Titan has left you with a lust for blood, head on over to Tokyo to meet some ‘friendly’ bloodsuckers. Tokyo Ghoul follows the transition of university student, Kaneki, into fearsome Ghoul; a human that feeds on others to stay alive. Full of flashy action and character intrigue, it’s the perfect meal to devour between Attack on Titan episodes.

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Go Fantasy with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

If fantasy, gothic architecture, and lots of killing makes you feel all tingly, have we got a show for you! A must see show for magic and action enthusiasts, Full Metal Alchemist tells the story of two brothers enlisted in the Alchemist Army to unravel the mysteries of the magic they wield. A cavalcade of weird and creepy characters balance the shows laugh-out-loud moments with the more delicate and sombre events playing out across the series.

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Go Political (Mecha Style) with Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Need a change of pace from fantasy? Make the jump to Mecha! After Japan is overthrown by the Holy Empire of Britannia, a chance meeting sees an exiled prince gifted with the power of kings; a Geass. Not just a Mecha-action, Code Geass is brimming with political drama, delivering heavy-hitting dialogue between colossal mechanic warfare. A tasty treat to snack on during the week.

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Go Comical with Blue Exorcist

If you need some light-hearted action, look no further than Blue Exorcist. A high-school fantasy following two brothers born from Satan, it’s comic relief from the heavy hitting war dramas we have suggested. But there’s still plenty of action to be had! Swords, guns and magical-mantras; it’s the perfect mash-up of Western and Eastern demon slaying.

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Go Retro Slaying with Berserk

Before Game of Thrones, there was Berserk, and it was brutal. A tale of friendship, ambition, and war; Berserk earns it’s “Mature” (or R18+ in some territories) rating with graphic fighting and a sprinkling of nudity (and not of the Titan kind!). If you enjoy hot-headed war mongers and back stabbing court citizens, you’ll find plenty of entertainment in Berserk.

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Have enough to fill your plate whilst waiting for the next Attack on Titan episode? Let us know what you’ve been devouring!