Flowers are blooming and so are the simulcasts!

We’re sure you’re all wondering what shows we’ll be surprising you with this season, which makes us even more excited to reveal them! First up…

Attack on Titan Season 2

The Colossal Titan’s sudden appearance shattered humankind’s peace and their reveries. Ever since that day, Eren Jaeger has faced endless fighting… After he helplessly watched a Titan devour his mother, Eren swore to wipe out every last Titan from the world. However, during one gruesome battle, he wound up transforming into a Titan himself.

Eren decided to wield his Titan power to win humanity’s freedom. He soon clashed with the “Female Titan” in Wall Sina’s Stohess District. The battle between the two Titans was intense, and although Eren prevailed in the end, his victory was bittersweet.

Yet, there is no time for Eren or humankind to rest. The next battle already looms near. How will humanity stand up to the horde of Titans approaching Wall Rose?!

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

After many years of war, a new era has begun. As the 7th Hokage, Naruto continues living in the Hidden Leaf Village, where the next generation of young ninja create their own new epic legend!

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Dragon Ball Super

After 18 years, we have the newest Dragon Ball story from creator Akira Toriyama. With Majin Buu defeated, Goku has taken a completely new role as… a radish farmer?! With Earth at peace, our heroes have settled into normal lives. But they can’t get too comfortable. Far away, the powerful God of Destruction, Beerus, awakens to a prophecy revealing his demise at the hands of an even more formidable being.

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Eromanga Sensei

Masamune Izumi is a high school student who writes light novels. Sagiri Izumi is a shut-in who never leaves her room. A year ago, she became Masamune’s little sister. But one day, Masamune discovers a shocking twist—The artist “Eromanga Sensei,” who has been drawing illustrations for his novels, is none other than his little sister Sagiri! His cute little shut-in of a sister, who has been living under his roof, is using an obscene pen name and draws lewd illustrations?!

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Grimoire of Zero

In Liturgical Year 526, sorcery has spread throughout the land, but few are aware of a rival practice called “magic.” One day, a half-man, half-beast mercenary who has found himself on the run encounters a beautiful witch known only as “Zero.” Zero makes him an offer: if he escorts her on the search for her stolen grimoire, she will help him gain a human form. Despite his hatred for witches, the nameless mercenary accompanies Zero and guards her as she sets out to reclaim a book that has the power to destroy the world.

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Granblue Fantasy: The Animation

Gran and Vyrn live on the sleepy, far-flung island of Zinkenstill. Their quiet lives are rocked by the sound of a sudden explosion and the sight of battleship in the sky. They follow a light that falls from the battleship into the forbidden woods, where they encounter a mysterious girl.

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Armed Girl’s Machiavellism

Rebellious Fudo Nomura has no idea what he’s getting into when he’s transferred to a school where the girls carry weapons to appropriately “discipline” the boys into submission. In the Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy, Nomura’s life is actively in danger when he becomes the target of Rin Onigawara, leader of the Five Ruling Swords, the five-girl group that commands the school. His only option: get expelled from the only school that would take him, or survive the wrath of these Machiavellian girls!

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Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side

Ais Wallenstein’s life changed forever on the fateful day she met Bell Cranel, but while Bell’s story launched him into his future, her story sends her deeper into her past. Within the dungeon’s treacherous depths, Ais and the other members of the Loki Familia encounter an irregularity that could threaten not just their party, but their entire world.

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Sagrada Reset

Almost half the population of the town of Sakurada possess special abilities. Misora Haruki has the power to reset time for a maximum of three days into the past; Kei Asai has a photographic memory that allows him to remember everything he sees and hears, even after Misora resets time.

Together, they use their powers to help others … except that two years ago, their actions caused the death of former classmate Sumire Sora, a girl who shouldn’t have died. As members of the school’s Service Club, Kei and Misora spend most of their time fulfilling clients’ requests, all the while working together to undo the pains of the past.

Time travel gets tricky in Sagrada Reset on AnimeLab!


After a great calamity in Japan, the world needed a hero: but did this hero need to be a god? Or a friend? Two young geniuses, Umataro Tenma and Hiroshi Ochanomizu, have labored extensively to create a powerful artificial intelligence to protect the future. The result of their collaboration was a robot, A106. In this previously untold story, Tenma and Ochanomizu lay the groundwork leading up to the birth of an android that would later change the world.

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