Cup Noodles and Attack on Titan team up to collaborate on a mysterious and meaty new flavour!

Nissin Foods Cup Noodle instant noodles have revealed their latest collaboration with Attack on Titan to promote their latest flavour: Smoky Chili Soy Sauce Flavour, with the new chili variety of mystery meat chunks! The reveal came in the form of some action packed, and hilarious, TV ads!

In this Cup Noodle world of Attack on Titan, humans live in a world controlled by Cup Noodle mystery meat Titans, and they must fight back against the oppression of Nissin foods in order to save humanity. Instead of their usual 3D Manevour Gear, the Survey Corps attack these meaty Titans with forks and kettles of boiling water!

However, on the 729th mission against the monsters, a “rare variety” of mystery meat appears and the Survey Corps must hurry to react against this unexpected new challenge.

The official collaboration website is also streaming six extra “customer voice” videos, with characters from Attack on Titan appearing as customers who are trying out the new flavour. Check them out!






The new chili-flavored mystery meat blocks are the first of three special varieties of mystery meat in new Cup Noodle flavors campaign. The collaboration website teases that the next flavor to be revealed is related to the sea…

What do you think the new flavour will be? Let us know below!