What’s the collective noun for a bunch of slimes?

We’re not entirely sure, but regardless, you’ll see heaps of them in the new trailer for upcoming kawaii isekai, By the Grace of the Gods!

In this trailer, you’ll take a peek at main character, Ryoma Takebayashi, and his everyday life with A LOT of slimes. You’ll also get a look at some of the friends and acquaintances he’ll make along the way when By the Grace of the Gods heads to AnimeLab this October.

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Hanging out for the October premiere of By the Grace of the Gods? Here’s the basic rundown:

Based on the light novel series by the same name, By the Grace of the Gods centres around Ryoma, a 39-year-old who gets reincarnated into a fantastical new world after dying from blood loss by hitting his head on the ground after a particularly intense sneeze!

Now suddenly an 8-year-old boy, Ryoma starts his new life living in solitude in the forest, studying the slimes that surround him.