Fairy Tail manga author reveals that the long-awaited final anime season is just around the corner.

Hiro Mashima, the creator and author of the Fairy Tail manga, revealed on his official Twitter account that the ‘final season’ of the anime adaption will premiere this fall (Japan).

Mashima teased us last month that he had a lot of announcements to make in April, which lead to us wondering: Is it about Fairy Tail, or is there more? Thankfully, it’s both!

Along with the exciting news that more of the anime series is just around the corner, Mashima also announced that his newest series will launch in the Weekly Shonen Magazine 30th issue in June.

Mashima teased back in December that the new work will be ‘a new form of fantasy’, and that Plue would make an appearance in the new series.

But, the announcements don’t stop there!

Mashima also announced a Fairy Tail sequel manga (in the form of a spin-off), and another Fairy Tail spin-off series is in the works. However, he didn’t specify if he will be the one drawing either of those two manga, or if he will just be the author.

So, not only do we have the final anime series coming, we also have more manga set in the same universe, AND something new?! Mashima is really spoiling us Fairy Tail fans this year!

We can’t wait to see what he creates, and to finally see the conclusion to Fairy Tail in anime form!