We’re excited to show off the two latest characters to the series: Scop and Yata!

The first new face is Scop the mole! He’s a former resident of the Oasis and is voiced by Kentaro Ito (Golden Kamuy, Bleach). You can expect Shinra and his friends help Scop challenge a giant worm…

The other newbie is Yata, another former resident of the Oasis and a friend of Scop’s. He will be voiced by Show Hayami (Trigun, Fairy Tail).

Check out the trailer below, which gives us a peek of the anime’s upcoming second season, set to broadcast in July 2020. In this PV, a new character is unveiled – Inka Kasugatani, voiced by Miyuri Shimabukuro, as well as the next OP track for the series, “SPARK-AGAIN” by Aimer.



Check out the key visual too – it’s burning with hype, that’s for sure… with all of Company 8 in top form, not to mention the evil pawns of the Evangelist lurking behind them!


Two new characters have been revealed for Fire Force Season 2!

There’s Pan, the Special Fire Force Company 4 Captain, who always wears a whistle and is constantly making noise – and was an instructor for both Shinra and Arthur at training school! He’ll be played by Daisuke Ono (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan).

Also introduced is Ogun Montgomery, a third-generation member of the Special Fire Force Company 4. He led a trio of friends at training school. That trio? Himself, Arthur and Shinra! He’s got a friendly personality and plenty of charisma. Ogun will be voiced by Shin Furukawa.


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