Ingredients for the Perfect Anime Halloween

Re-animate your Halloween spirit with this anime-infused potion of creepy, spooky and downright horrific shows!

Having a hard time getting back into the Halloween spirit? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a creepy new series to binge? Whatever the case, fear not! The answer to all your problems (as always) is anime, and we’ve concocted the perfect potion to bring your love of Halloween… back to life!



Halloween is not all gore and horror.

Some believe it’s a time when the veil between our world and the ‘other side’ is thinnest. While I’m all about the red stuff, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the lighter side of Halloween with some fantasy style anime.

Gegege No Kitaro is a great place to start, especially if you’re a fan of Yōkai based stories.

The story is a familiar one: people have forgotten about Yōkai, so when strange things start happening they don’t know what to do… Until someone sends a letter through a strange mailbox and Kitaro arrive with a clop clop!

For something a little more adult, you can’t go wrong with Hozuki’s CoolheadednessIt’s about the day-to-day trials and problems that arise for Hozuki, the demon who takes care of the administrative side of hell.

Though my personal fave of this type of anime is a cute combo of fantasy and Slice of Life, known as The Devil Is A Part Timer, about how the actual devil comes to the human plane and has to get a job at a fast food restaurant.

These shows have minimal gore, but they all stick to the supernatural theme. There’s also plenty of others to choose from, like Wizard Barristers and Concrete Revolutio, so you won’t run out of options.

Trick AND Treat.

Maybe you like your Halloween anime like your lolly haul, not too much of any one flavour, but still mostly red… If that’s the case, you’ll need to watch Calamity of A Zombie Girl.

This movie has everything a horror film should have: a group of students messing with things they shouldn’t, an ancient power being awakened, slapstick comedy where people lose limbs and vicious fight scenes with broken bones poking through the skin.

You can also mix things up with anime like Overlord which has a fair degree of violence while also leaning heavily on the fantasy feel. Or Noragami, which starts out quite cute, but has some darker edges to it.

And of course, any Halloween list that doesn’t include Black Butler (with it’s melding of all kinds of themes) isn’t worth its salt!


You don’t want your anime Halloween potion to suck, so you have to include vampires!

If you’re a fan of Vampire Knight, but always thought it could do with more guys who have wolves in their chests and faces in their hands, then Vampire Hunter D is the show for you.

That feeling when it’s Halloween and your dessert stomach is like….

It tells the story of D, a dhampir (half vampire, half human) who is on a mission to save a lady from a vampire, but not all is as it seems…

Need something a little lighter? Perhaps try Actually I Am. It’s a romantic comedy about a normal high school boy, who finds out his crush, Youko Shiragami, is a vampire! (Her name should have been a giveaway) And she’s not the only one in the school with a secret. The only time you’ll see blood here is during the nosebleeds.

Of course, there are many other great vampire series to choose from too, such as Seraph of the End, Hellsing and Servamp!


To reanimate your love of Halloween, you’ll definitely need zombies. Loads of zombies! Sankrea: Undying Love is a cute way to get into the zombie anime genre.

If you like your horror with a big dollop of soppy love… if you think Romeo and Juliet would have been better if they’d been undead… if you’ve always thought dating zombie girls would be a good thing… then this anime is for you. This series does have some quite disturbing elements though (yes, there are things more disturbing than dating zombie girls), so be warned.

If you like your zombie love stories with more blood than Slice of Life, then Highschool of the Dead is probably a better fit for you. Or if you want something with a mix of comedy and horror, Is This A Zombie? is the hilarious tale of a boy who was turned into a zombie after falling victim to a serial killer.


Sometimes the scariest things are not the ones that go bump in the night, but rather the knowledge that the real monsters are humans standing among us.

Mysteries where the stakes are high are a great way to get the blood pumping through your veins, and of course there’s plenty of anime that can do that for you.

Psycho-Pass is a great place to start for gore and mystery. You’ll never feel safe while watching this series.

Of all the scary things in this show, these two are still the things that creep me out the most.

Want something a little more supernatural? Death Parade is where you should head. It’s about a bar that people are sent to at their end of their lives. There’s no heaven or hell, just a game they’re forced to play to draw out the darkest part of their souls… which will ultimately determine their fate.

There’s plenty of mystery to keep you wanting to learn more and enough gore to make you reel back in horror.


If you’re going to make a potion for Halloween, it’s going to need loads of red, and in the world of anime, you’re spoiled for choice!

Let’s start off with the Blood-C series, then add a little  Elfen Lied and a side of Deadman Wonderland. Keen to add in a little extra spice? You’ll definitely want to heap on the Tokyo Ghoul!

It’s about a world where ghouls stalk the night, appearing as humans until it’s time to feed. But there is more to their story, as Kaneki Ken discovers after he recieves ghoul organs, following a horrific accident. There’s huge globs of gore, a storyline that won’t let you go and characters who will just… consume you.

Not only is the anime available to watch on AnimeLab, but also the Tokyo Ghoul live-action adaptation! This one is only available to stream for a limited time, so you should start watching while you can!

The countdown timer starts at 1000 and goes down by 7….

Now you should have everything you need to get into the spooky spirit of the season. The ratios are up to you, but I hope this helps you kick start your Halloween watching.

Let us know which shows you’re watching to get your Halloween feels on!

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