An original sci-fi anime with a banging soundtrack is almost here...

Akudama Drive, a new, original sci-fi series from Studio Pierrot (Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto), premieres here on AnimeLab this October.

An electrifying new trailer, brand-new key visual for the series, and opening and ending theme artists have been revealed!

Check out the poppin’ colour scheme of the new show artwork! These the series’ seven main characters… well, eight, if you include the kitty.

Here’s the new Akudama Drive trailer, which gives us a taste of the stylistic world and fast-paced action we can expect.

And that banging soundtrack? That was a preview of the opening theme, which will be performed by SPARK!!SOUND!!SHOW!! and is titled “STEAL!!”. The ED will be performed by UraShimaSakataSen and is titled “Ready.”

Not long to go now: Akudama Drive begins this October on AnimeLab.