Yusuke Murata shares his Dragon Ball sketches, plus his latest OPM sketches!

Anime fans have been obsessing over this question since One Punch Man was first released: Who would win in a fight between Goku/Son Goku and Saitama?

Both of these characters have become icons to anime and mainstream fans alike. And, as it turns out, the work of illustrator Yusuke Murata is heavily influenced by his love of Dragon Ball. Murata grew up watching and loving Dragon Ball, like many other manga creators did, and pours this love into his work for One Punch Man.

You can see the similarities in this piece of art, and the inking is extrememly close to Akira Toriyama mangaka work:


Murata recently uploaded some Dragon Ball sketches to his Twitter, and we must say, we would definitely pay money to see a crossover with the two series.

Along with these sketches, he has released a new One Punch Man piece for the latest chapter, featuring sisters Tatsumaki and Fubuki.

What are your thoughts on these works?