Persona 5 anime news announced on live stream hosted by voice actors Jun Fukuyama, Aoi Yuuki and Soichira Hoshi!

Tonight, on December 24 2017, Persona fans everywhere were given a special early Christmas present: more Persona 5 anime news, given in a live stream!

Persona 5 TV Animation Super Confidential Information Reveal! Broadcast SP – Will Something Happen in Shibuya on Christmas Eve!?” was hosted by 3 of the game, and upcoming series, voice actors; Jun Fukuyuma (Protagonist), Aio Yuuki (Futuba Sakura) and Soichira Hoshi (Goro Akechi).

Now, lets head over to the news!

VA Jun Fukuyuma was handed a ‘calling card’, which, when opened, revealed the new name for Persona 5’s main character! The character of “Protagonist” will be called Amamiya Ren in the anime, instead of the manga’s ‘official’ name, Akira Kurusu.

As players of the game and readers of the manga, we have to admit the change of name will be confusing for fans, but Protag will always be Akira in our hearts (or whatever odd name we decided to name him!).

A trailer was also revealed at the end of the live stream! And at the end of the trailer… a release date! Get ready for April 2018, the Phantom Thieves are coming to steal your hearts!

The animation in the trailer looks amazing, and on the same great animation level as the game’s cut scenes. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!

A new visual was also released, with posters of the visual being available in Japan from Christmas Day.

A new trailer was released for the newest game, Persona 5: Dancing Star Night along with the Japan release date of May 24, 2018.

The live stream even featured a Morgana mascot! (Sorry Morgana, we can’t go to sleep when exciting news is happening!)

You can also rewatch the live stream on the AbemaTV Official Youtube.

Staying up on Christmas Eve was definitely worth this exciting news! We can’t wait to finally watch Persona 5 The Animation in April!