Zombies. Goofy Girls. Twists. What’s not to love?!

At first glance you can easily be forgiven for thinking Gakko Gurashi is a typical shoujo with it’s cutsie girls and peppy intro song. It’s seriously catchy. There’s a high school, a puppy and what generally looks like a slice of life storyline. For most of the first episode.

But stay with us, because what we are really thinking is why do they have to live at school anyway? The hints are subtle…the twists will surprise you… and you will be emotionally invested.

I can’t tell you the story without ruining the first episode…But here goes. Spoilers and all. But only some.


Gakko Gurahi is focused on four school girls and their puppy. They live in the school in a ‘School Living Club’. Why? Because zombies have taken over their city. How is this a twist? Because our main heroine has mentally snapped.

She cannot handle the reality of the situation and instead believes that school is functioning as normal! She goes to class, wears her uniform and has a normal school life. But the other girls try to keep her version of reality alive to protect her. They create a ‘club’ where they live at school so she doesn’t try go home where zombies have overrun the city. They grow their own food in the ‘horticultural club’ and practice their ‘home economics’ by eating meals together. Anytime her reality is contradicted is a risk to her sanity. Can they stop her from snapping completely?

Goofy Girls

When one of the main characters is basically in love with a shovel, you know it’s going to be interesting. This show is like a crossover of High School of the Dead and Puella Madoka. The zombies are there but it’s the characters that keep you interested.


Don’t expect murder every episode. You see the world from Yuki’s point of view, and remember, she doesn’t remember or believe there are zombies. Her mind and her friends do their best to protect her, but the zombies are interesting. The idea is zombies remember a little of their lives. We’re not sure how much, but the zombie students return to school as if they were still human.

Watch two episodes. If you still have questions, and you will, keep watching. You will love it. Recruit some friends because you are gonna want to talk about this!