Sui Ishida original art to be shown in Shinjuku Station!

Best-selling manga Tokyo Ghoul:re, by Sui Ishida, is releasing its 11th volume next week. Along with this release, the Tokyo Ghoul live-action film is heading to Japan theatres on July the 3rd.

In celebration for the two releases, Shinjuku Station has had its east exit gate north passage taken over with Ishida’s original artwork.  The gallery will feature works that have been posted on Twitter, but framed and hung on the walls. The set-up will last a week starting on June 19th.

Here is an example of some of the images that will be present at this impromptu gallery:






A total of 27 artworks will be on display. On June 19th a Twitter campaign will go live, and 25 lucky winners will receive an art print of one of the illustrations!

Nothing like a bit of creepy and fascinating art to wake you up on your morning transit to work!