Why chase after an actual husband when you can have a million anime ones??

Let’s be honest with ourselves – when you’re faced with beautiful animation, spectacular music scores, enthralling storylines and don’t even get me started on their enchanting velvet voices – how can you blame fans (like me) for swooning and ‘squee’ing over our chosen anime husbandos?

When selecting a husbando, one must consider various qualities such as:

  • Are they financially stable?
  • Do they have abs that you can grate cheese on?
  • Will they try to kill you in your sleep?

With that in mind, here are my top AnimeLab husbandos:

10. Toriko – Toriko

Can I get an Amen for husbandos that can cook? Food of my dreams + gigantic world shattering biceps = husbando. Seriously… just flexing his biceps would cause an earthquake!!!

9 - toriko

9. Takashi – High School of the Dead

When it’s time for the zombie apocalypse (you know it’s going to happen) Takashi is the one you want around. He’s got the guts to kill zombies with a baseball bat = hot.

He also gets bonus points for sharing all the cool zombie death with a bunch of hot, equally deadly ladies. Can we add those girls to the husbando list as well? The bigger the hot-apocalypse party, the better I say!

8 - takashi

8. Maou Sadao – The Devil is a Part Timer

He’s the devil with powers that can cross dimensions and rule worlds – 10/10 would marry. There are other great things about him too – he rocks a sweet pair of abs, is surprisingly considerate and is on his way to the top of MgRonalds company.

Corporate leadership goals and access to discounted food? Count me in as a candidate for this husbando!

7 - devil is a part 7 - timer2

7. Yu Narukami – Persona 4

Narukami can literally pull me into a TV – if that doesn’t make you want to marry him I don’t know what will. So what if the TV is full of things that can kill you? He has the power to save you.

Narukami is just the best – he’s super chilled out and if someone gets murdered, he’s your ‘go to guy’ to solve it – an excellent skill for a husbando… just in case.

6 - Narukami

6. Spike – Cowboy Bebop

Spike is so cool I can’t even tell you exactly how cool he is – there is just no way to define his coolness! Check out swag on Wikipedia – Spike will be there. He can take you all over the universe, and you get to be a bounty hunter – what more could you want! See you space cowboy…

10 - spike

5. Tomoe – Kamisama Kiss

Cold shoulder love is one way to get directly to my heart. He may come off a little distant, but that’s just to protect himself from being hurt again… how wonderfully tragic! At least you know if you manage to capture this fox, you’ll have a husbando for life – and beyond!

Tomoe face

4. Lelouch – Code Geass

Ok, yes I know Lelouch is what you would consider a bit ‘cray cray’. But come on – have you listened to him talk? This guy could read the label on a shampoo bottle and it would be amazing.

In addition to his sharp fashion, his Geass power could be pretty handy. And let’s not forget Suzaku – these guys are practically a package deal. Two husbandos for the price of one? Yes please.

lelouch britannia

3. Rom – Show by Rock

Rom is beautifully summed up as “abs with a full time job”. There is nothing more attractive than financial security attached to a pair of rock hard abs. There is more to this dear, sweet man than just his rippling muscles (though let’s not forget they’re great). He’s also in a band with 3 other hotties (instant husbando points).

Rom Show By Rock

2. Mamoru Chiba / Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon/Crystal

This guy was a no question for me to have on this list – nothing says husbando-material more than having the power of unlimited super roses!

Mamoru was one of the earliest TV husbandos here in Australia and made wearing pink shirts the next hot fashion trend. He’s a total hunk with the manliest shoulders ever – oh and he rocks a tux 24/7 better than anyone else can!

Momo chan

1. Kogami – Psycho Pass

A super fine physique is always great in a husbando. Kogami’s dedication to working on his deliciously chiselled body will more than make up for any shortcomings he may have on his romantic side.

Other things that put this Adonis on the list is that he’s intelligent, has a full-time job, is focused on his goals, and caring when it comes to his friends – qualities you totally want in a husbando!

You’ll never have a boring day with Kogami, he’ll literally back flip everywhere with his supreme athletic ability (he’s obviously too cool to walk).

With these qualities summed up, he has taken the number one position on my husbando list!


Which one of these husbandos would you like to find in your bed?

Let us know in the comments below!