Dragging yourself to the gym can be hard work, so why not get some motivation from AnimeLab's resident beefcakes?

Whether you need some toning inspiration, or just want to enjoy some rippling muscles, these men will get you pumped!

Introducing our top 10 man-mountains:

#10 ‘Pops’ Lehm Brick – Jormungand

We’re giving props to pops! Lehm is by far the oldest of our muscle lineup, but the silver fox still has it.

It’s true every member of Koko’s squad brandishes washboard abs, but you just can’t help but be impressed by this fifty-year-old’s conviction.

Lehm Brick - Jormungand

#9 ‘Mufasa’ Herman Lewis – Garo

Never has the phrase “Lion in bed” seemed more fitting. Herman’s lean, raw muscle gives him the look of a predatory cat, aided by his wild hairstyle and iconic chest fluff.

You could say Herman is the runt of the muscle litter, but what he lacks in bulk, he makes up in smooth talking. Beware this tavern crawler when he’s on the prowl.

Herman Lewis - Garo

#8 ‘The Dark Horse’ Jet Black- Cowboy Bebop

Jet is so much more than just muscles, he’s also a cop, mechanic, nanny and cook; the sturdy pillar of sanity keeping his zany crew together.

Building muscle tone in space is a challenge, but chasing after bounties and cleaning up your partner’s messes seems to do the trick.

A beefed-up cybernetic arm is a good incentive to keep your fleshy one in shape too!

Jet - Cowboy Bebop

#7 ‘T-800’ Batou – Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Gruff and unsmiling, Batou won’t be winning Mr. Personality anytime soon… but when danger calls, there’s no better brawn to have your back.

The future is full of hard-hitting droids, so it’s lucky Batou’s augmentations can take hits that would normally wipe out a rhino.

Although his muscles are more machine than man, it’s not uncommon to find Batou lifting weights in his spare time. Now that’s a true gym junkie!

Batou - Ghost in the Shell

#6 ‘The Gentle Giant’ Elephantus – Yatterman Night

Selling sticks, playing tricks, taking care of piglets. Do we have the right guy?

This loveable man-child provides the muscle for the Doronbo Gang, and he can certainly pack a wallop when the situation calls for it.

When he’s not mincing monsters, you’ll find him laughing until his buttons burst. Seriously, mate, buy a bigger shirt.

Elephantus - Yatterman Night

#5 ‘Electro-tyke’ Laxus Dreyar – Fairy Tail

When Thor and Draco Malfoy combine, Japan gives you Laxus Dreyar! He’s the youngest member of our muscle squad, and potentially the most dangerous.

His powerful thunder magic is used to great effect when he channels his fury, acting like steroids to gain instant muscle mass.

Someone obviously didn’t get the memo on ‘roid-rage…

Laxus Dreyar - Fairy Tail

#4 ‘Beast’ Klaus von Reinherz – Blood Blockade Battlefront

Klaus hunts vampires for a living, so it’s not surprising he stays in great shape.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Klaus is actually a werewolf, or even Wolverine with that underbite and pointed sideburns.

Unlike his mutant counterpart, Klaus practices more gentlemanly activities such as botany and drinking tea. It certainly beats your regular protein shake!

Klaus von Reinherz - Blood Blockade Battlefront

#3 ‘The Iron Chef’ Toriko – Toriko

This blue-haired Hulk is the Bear Grylls of Muscle Men… if Grylls was on MasterChef and hunted only the most exotic food of the wilds.

Gaining strength from his gourmet food, you definitely don’t want to get between a meal and Toriko. He’ll show you a whole new meaning of ‘hangry‘.


#2 ‘The Great Ape’ Ira Gamagōri – Kill La Kill

Gamagōri is the “Impenetrable Shield” of Honnōji Academy who leads the disciplinary committee at the school and wears his Three-Star Goku Uniform with pride!

It’s not an inflated ego that’s puffing up his chest though. Beneath his clothes lie muscles so shredded they would make a body builder weep.

Think being the disciplinary chair makes you a prude? Think again! Gamagōri isn’t afraid to get his kit off in front of an assembly.

And let’s not forget what happens when he activates his Goku Uniform: punishment gets…. naughty.

Ira Gamagori - Kill la Kill

#1 ‘Bright eyes’ Major Alex Louis Armstrong – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

For Alex Armstrong, muscle flexing isn’t vanity, it’s a way of life.

No other muscle man displays such purpose for each set of tissue, whether it be truth-knowing biceps, or demonstrators for the ancient art of short distance running.

Brawn can only get you so far, and whilst Armstrong has a body sculpted by the alchemy gods, it’s his heart of gold that brings him to the top of the list.

Armstrong may look menacing, but he’s not afraid to show his emotions, often tearing up from witnessing moments of the Elric brothers’ resolve. Of course this is usually accompanied by a shirt-destroying muscle flex, but that’s muscle conversation for you. I’d hate to see his uniform bill!

Major Armstrong - Fullmetal Alchemist

What did you think of our top 10 beefcakes?

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