Becoming a Titan has never been easier!

Good news Attack on Titan fans!

You can now become a Titan without having to teleport yourself into the anime world! Or, you know, sit through hours of painstakingly detailed make-up application.

Snow app has just released a set of official Attack on Titan filters! Lucky for you, we gave them a little test run…

t5 peace

Titans are great at selfies! Say humans!


Peek-a-boo…I see you! Aaaand now I’m gonna eat you!

t4 om

Just about to have a healthy afternoon snack! #cheatingonmydiet #humansaresoyummy #nomnomnom

t2 drink

Not all Titan’s eat humans…some drink delicious smoothies!


Even Titans understand the importance of exercise. Sick ride, dude!

 What are you waiting for? Join in the Titan fun with Snow app!