Hey anime fans! A big thank you for being here with us during our brand evolution process – we have an update to share with you.

From next week, you’ll see our social media channels begin to evolve with a new look and name: Funimation ANZ! Your trusty local community managers are still here to bring you all the freshest anime content, local and industry news, theatrical releases, collectibles, memes, and anime-themed banter!

Plus, to mark this evolution, we’ll also have a bunch of exclusive prizes to give away to some lucky followers in Australia and New Zealand, so keep an eye out…

What will be changing?

You’ll see the AnimeLab Facebook, Twitter and Instagram rename to Funimation ANZ. You don’t need to go anywhere – we’ve got you!

In order to bring you the most streamlined video clips, early premieres, exclusive interviews and more, we will be moving over to the Funimation YouTube channel: so head over and hit Subscribe at youtube.com/funimation! (The AnimeLab YouTube channel will ultimately retire.)

Stay tuned for our social media competition next week to mark our next evolution as #FunimationANZ