What On Earth Is A Simulcast?

Ready to enter the wonderful world of seasonal anime? Here’s some handy things to know before you dive in!

Welcome, fellow anime fans, to the world of seasonal anime!

Over the past few years, anime fans have been enjoying new ways to watch anime at the same time as it’s aired in Japan.

No more waiting months for a new series to be released on DVD. Now you can get your anime fix by watching a new episode every week on your favourite legal streaming site or app (like AnimeLab).

These simultaneous broadcasts (referred to as ‘simulcasts’) allow fans to watch anime online, as it happens, and join in on conversations about the latest new shows.

So here’s some steps to help you make the most of our fast tracked shows:

Overlord - Summer Simulcast 2015


Step 1. Figure out what season it is… in Japan

So what’s the first step? Look outside. Is it cold? Is it raining? Are you currently wearing your favourite Totoro onesie? Great! Looks like it’s the summer simulcast season.

Yes, when it comes to anime, we operate based on what season it happens to be in Japan. It might seem strange talking about it being the summer whilst we insulate our homes with Agumon plushes, but you’ll get used to it soon enough.



Step 2. Choose some shows to watch

Next step! Let’s do a bit of research. If you’re like me, you’re going to dive headfirst into every series you can get your hands on, but most people may want to opt for the sane option and check out the shows that interest them the most.

This is the exciting part of watching simulcasts because of the huge variety of shows available!

Big Disney fan? Check out Snow White with the Red Hair! Looking for a laugh? Actually, I Am… has you covered! Appreciate fine curves? Prison School definitely satisfies!

Prison School

Prison School

Step 3. Join the community

If you’re feeling a little stuck, the anime fanbase are a friendly bunch and always looking forward to recommending their favourite series. That includes us too!

Whether it’s asking for advice on what to watch next or looking for a discussion, simulcasting is a great way to engage with a larger community.

We suggest following your favourite show on Reddit, or starting a conversation on the AnimeLab Facebook page.



Step 4. Be prepared for delays

Making anime is a complex process involving lots of different people who have input on the final outcome including: licensors, animators, voice actors, original manga and story creators and TV broadcasters.

Last minute changes can arise at any point of the anime creation process, which means that shows can run into production issues a few days before the new episode is ready to air.

In these uncommon cases, we may get a delayed or recap episode. When this happens, be sure to keep an eye on AnimeLab’s social media channels, so you can jump back into the series as soon as the studio is back on track.

A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist

A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

Step 5. Enjoy being the first to know what’s going on in the world of anime

And now you’re ready. You’ve done your research, opened up a pack of Tim Tams and started streaming an exciting new show, just after it’s aired on Japanese TV.

Awesome! You’re now an expert on anime simulcasts and can talk at length about them to your friends.

Which simulcasts will you be curling up on the couch with next?

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