Who Could Beat Saitama From One Punch Man?

It's a battle to the death! Saitama VS. the rest of anime!

One Punch Man is coming to an end and it’s been an absolute blast! Saitama has beaten a giant crab, an evil mosquito overlord, the King of the Sea and even the AnimeLab popularity rankings! But the real question is…

Who could possibly defeat him?

Could Gilgamesh from Fate/Stay Night beat Saitama?

Gilgamesh is one of the most powerful characters within the Fate/Stay Night universe. As a demi-god and an Archer class servant, he has the power to summon legendary swords at his opponent and hurl them at his opponent en-masse. Whilst most servants are lucky to be able to use the power of just one Noble Phantasm, Gilgamesh has so many that we barely even get the opportunity to see most of them.

So can Gilgamesh with his many weapons and charming looks take down the red caped baldy? No. Of course not. Saitama will only need one punch.


Could Guts from Berserk beat Saitama?

Okay, so if Gilgamesh got taken out in one punch, we’re going to need someone tough. Someone who headlines their resume with “Not Dead Yet”. Guts has been through a lot (That’s an understatement) and fought with increasingly powerful demons, slaying each that stands in his way.

Otherwise known as the Black Swordsman, Guts has lived his entire life in danger, constantly having to fight for his place in life. Forget 3 years of training! Guts has been training his entire life! And with the power of his Berserker Armour, he can unleash these years of experience at full force.

But is this enough? Nah, not even close. Guts’ survival streak is put to a tragic end in just one punch.


Could Ban from The Seven Deadly Sins beat Saitama?

Okay, let’s take a different approach. Saitama may have unlimited strength, but what happens when an unstoppable force hits an immovable object? Ban is invincible.

After drinking from the Fountain of Youth, no matter if Ban is decapitated, sliced or stabbed straight through the chest, he’ll heal up and be back to fighting fit! No matter how powerful the enemy, Ban cannot be defeated.

Not only is Ban invincible, he can also steal his opponent’s strength over time. All he needs to do is keep the battle going and his enemy will find themselves powerless.

So, is this enough? Is immortality enough to finally defeat Saitama? Afraid not. All he needs is to send Ban into space and watch as he suffocates for the rest of his life (It’s a bit grim, really). And it’ll only take one punch.


Could Light Yagami from Death Note beat Saitama?

We’re taking this seriously now! If we can’t take him down with strength, we’ll just have to use the power of the Gods. The power over life and death is a sacred one and it has been passed over from the God of Death Ryuk to Light Yagami, a bit of a psychopath. This power is the Death Note.

All you need to do is write in the name of his victim and they will die of a heart attack, no matter how far they may be. This is the ultimate weapon and with someone like Light, he wouldn’t hesitate to use it against someone so reckless.

Just one problem. Who on Earth is the mysterious hero? He was that guy who blew up the meteor, but it’s not like anyone knows who he is. Light Yagami would not know Saitama’s name and therefore the One Punch Man wins. And it didn’t even take one punch.


But How About Beerus? Could Beerus from Dragon Ball Super beat Saitama?

Nope. Nobody can! Saitama possesses the ancient powers of the ‘Gag Comedy’ as Doraemon and Arale-chan once did many years ago. This allows him to tap into an unlimited supply of strength, twisting the rules of reality around him. But never for evil, of course. Always for the sake of the joke.


And that’s what really makes One Punch Man great.

Who do you think would put up a good fight against Saitama? Let us know below!

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