AnimeLab Transformers War for Cybertron 'KINGDOM'

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To celebrate the release of Transformers War for Cybertron 'KINGDOM',
AnimeLab has partnered with Hasbro and some talented Aussie artists to bring you a mecha‑awesome competition!


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Transformers War for Cybertron 'KINGDOM' - Prizes

Prize #1
1 x WFC KINGDOM Core Optimus Prime
1 x Optimus Prime A3 Original Artwork by Kirabunni
Prize #2
1 x Studio Series Deluxe TF6 Bumblebee
1 x Bumblebee A3 Original Artwork by Khee
Both major prizes come with
1 x WFC KINGDOM Core Megatron
1 x WFC KINGDOM Deluxe Cheetor
1 x WFC KINGDOM Voyager DinoBot
1 x WFC KINGDOM Leader Optimus Prime
1 x Generations Combiner Wars Devastator
1 x $100 Madman voucher

Prize #1
1 x WFC KINGDOM Core Starscream
1 x Starscream A3 Original Artwork by Akiocha
Prize #2
1 x WFC KINGDOM Core Soundwave
1 x Soundwave A3 Original Artwork by Koichame

Total prize pool valued at over $3,000 AUD

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